Impressions From Lake Constance #11: View To Austria

Trotz (oder gerade wegen) des Regens hatten wir eine wunderbare Sicht über den Bodensee auf den Bregenzer Wald. Die Berge sind etwas nebulös, aber das hat was …

We had an amazing view over Lake Constance to Austria and some mountains of its Bregenz Forest in spite (or precisely because) of the rain. The mountains are befogged but it is great, isn’t it?

shot by myself on 2010-08-16


3 Responses to “Impressions From Lake Constance #11: View To Austria”

  1. I agree – and it’s a wonderfull place you and your family have found 😉

  2. As you know, I like to travel in both Germany and Austria. I like to see the wines of this photo, especailly the little filed you see if the photo is enlarged. How far from Bodensee is Stuttgart, and how often are you there?

    • Hi, Joergen. The distance from Stuttgart to Lake Contance is about 200 kilometres and we need 2,5 hours by car. My parents-in-law have a house in Kressbronn, a lovely place at the lake. We spendsome weekends there, in summer and in winter. I also like the low gasoline prices in Austria 😉

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