70 Litres Of Apple Juice

Das sind 116 Kilogramm Boskop.

These are 116 kilograms of Boskoop.

Bei der “Mayer Fruchtsäfte” in S-Uhlbach kann man sein Obst abgeben und sich entweder einen Gutschein für verbilligten Saft geben zu lassen oder sich auszahlen zu lassen. Ich habe mich für den Gutschein entschieden und für 116 kg Äpfel kann ich mir nun 70 Liter Apfelsaft verbilligt kaufen.

You can bring your fruits to the company “Mayer Fruchtsäfte” in Uhlbach. There you get a coupon for juice which is reduced in price. Or you can get cash. I’ve decided for the coupon and therefore I can buy 70 litres of juice for my 116 kilograms.


3 Responses to “70 Litres Of Apple Juice”

  1. In Denmark you can find same places – years ago my husband and I made white wine, using apple juice, elder flowers etc. It tasted so good – and with a little help from friends, it disappeared more than quickly 😀

  2. Boskop – have not seen them for many years, but used to love them as a child. “Lederaepfel” we used to call them when they got a bit older in winter.

  3. Boskop is one of my favorites 🙂 I have a bunch of apples here waiting to be “Apfelmus”

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