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Frosted Fruits

Posted in Pflanzen, Plätze on 29. Dezember 2014 by lewi14

photo_20141229_001Adornment apples which are covered with snow. All shots were made by myself on 2014-12-28


Posted in Plätze on 1. September 2014 by lewi14

photo_blog_20140901_001Die eindringliche Bitte eines Gartenbesitzers an Hund und Herrchen.

The express request of a garden owner to dog and master.

Iced Mussels

Posted in Plätze, Tiere with tags , on 9. Februar 2014 by lewi14
Iced mussels at Timmendorfer Strand

Iced mussels at Timmendorfer Strand

Tree Guardians

Posted in Pflanzen, Plätze on 5. Februar 2012 by lewi14

These dolls or puppets guard the trees in the upper Schlossgarten near the main station. The trees are in danger of deforestation.

Morning Has Broken

Posted in Plätze on 10. April 2011 by lewi14

This photo was made by myself in the morning of 2011-04-05 on my way to work

Greetings From (East-)Berlin

Posted in Plätze on 13. März 2011 by lewi14

Treptow: Aluminium-Skulptur in der Spree / sculpture made of aluminium in the Spree river

Alexanderplatz: Fernsehturm /TV tower

Alexanderplatz: Kino / cinema

Alexanderplatz: Weltzeituhr / world time clock

Flughafen Berlin-Schönefeld / Schoenefeld airport

Schönefeld: im wahrsten Sinne eine ESS-Bahn / restaurant at the airport

photos were made by myself on 2011-03-08 and 2011-03-09

Leftovers From 2010/2011

Posted in Plätze on 4. Januar 2011 by lewi14

*** Glückliches neues Jahr / HAPPY NEW YEAR ***

photo made by myself on 2011-01-03